Instructions for use Varius Plus

Varius Plus-general features and information

Release form:

tube gel

Main action:

Varicose Vein Treatment

Used for:

Men and women

Age limit:

Suitable for people over 21 years old

Varius Plus-Men and women anti varicose vein gel. The medicine can be dispensed without prescription and doctor's prescription. Daily use can eliminate all symptoms of varicose veins until they fully recover. Approved for prevention.

The gel is universal. It is equally effective not only on the legs but also on varicose veins in the arms and other parts of the body.

The efficacy and safety of Varius Plus have been scientifically proven and confirmed through clinical trials of volunteers. Clinical trial results after using the gel for three months:

  • 100%-no allergies and other adverse side effects, completely eliminated leg edema, pain and heaviness
  • 97%-elimination of blue asterisks, seizures, complete elimination of varicose veins of first and second severity, and significant improvement in the presence of neglected forms of varicose veins.

Please note that Varius Plus Anti-Varicose Gel can only be purchased in the Czech Republic after ordering from the manufacturer. To place an order, please use the form on the official website.

Use of Varius Plus-Instructions and Reasons for Use

Severe, painful and swollen legs, especially at night, blue asterisks, strongly prominent and visible veins-all of these are the main symptoms of varicose veins and require immediate treatment to avoid complications.

Important notice! Statistics in the past five years show that every one-third of women and one-fifth of men in Europe suffer from varicose veins. Moreover, 40% of them are not aware of this disease, do not pay attention to it, do not see a doctor, do not start treatment!

Varicose veins develop rapidly without treatment. As a result, the general condition of the person deteriorates, physical activity and endurance decrease, and the symptoms of varicose veins become more and more obvious. The pain increased, the feeling of heaviness in the legs increased, the swelling in the morning after rest and sleep did not disappear, and the veins began to ache and increase in size.

Gel instructions, contraindications

How to use Varius Plus gel in varicose veins

Varius Plus is very easy to use. If there are symptoms of varicose veins or disease prevention, please apply a thin layer of gel to inflamed veins, infected parts of the skin or completely on the legs. Repeat the treatment twice a day and prevent it once a day before going to bed.

Depending on the severity of varicose veins, the application process is individual, ranging from one month to six months. Application process for prevention-unlimited.

There are no contraindications. The exception is intolerance to one of the components. It is also recommended to agree to use Varius Plus in advance if there is a serious illness during pregnancy and breastfeeding.