Experience of use Varius Plus

Varius Plus gel in varicose veins-before and after taking pictures

Hi everyone, my name is Ilona, ​​and I live and work in Klagenfurt, one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. Today, I decided to share my experience with Varius Plus (Anti-Varicose Gel). I will tell you how to find this gel, how to buy it, how to use it, how to use it and the personal results of use. I will show you photos before and after use.

The first photo was taken the day before the doctor.

Gel Varius Plus-Personal experience where I bought it

My doctor prescribed the daily use of this gel. After the third child was born, my leg started to hurt badly. At first, I didn't even think it would become varicose veins. Of course, I have heard of this disease more than once, but as usual, I did not expect this disease to affect me (young and beautiful). Usually, when the pain becomes persistent and hardly disappears, I also notice a prominent vein. I went to the clinic to see a specialist. Diagnosis-Varicose veins are second in severity.

I decided to purchase Varius Plus according to the doctor's prescription. It must be used daily for six months, twice a day. And it is speculated that after this process, there are almost no traces of varicose veins.

Buying this tool is not easy. As far as I know, this gel is not sold in pharmacies and retail stores, you can only buy it through the manufacturer's official website. I went to the website and stated my name and phone number in the order. After 10 to 15 minutes, the manager called the customer, clarified the address and delivery time, and provided suggestions on how to use the gel, make it into a gel, etc.

Usually, two days later, I pick up the goods by mail at home. When receiving the goods, I also pay the post office. I started using it.

Gel to fight against varicose veins-how to use, results

Varius Plus is very easy to use. As a regular cream, I apply it to affected veins and skin areas. According to the doctor's prescription, I use it twice a day, morning and evening before going to bed. So every day for six months.

Varius Plus

One bag is enough for me for two or three weeks. Considering the effectiveness and affordable price, it turns out that buying Varius Plus gel is very beneficial for me. Moreover, I bought five packs at a time and got a discount for it.

I noticed that even after the first few weeks, daily use of this gel produces the first obvious positive results. The pain and heaviness from the past have passed, I feel better overall, my legs are lighter, and walking has become easier. Gradually, after each month, I noticed and compared the legs before and after the photo. Every time the vein becomes smaller, the so-called blue star will decrease. By the end of the sixth month-there are hardly any signs of varicose veins! The second picture was taken after the sixth month of using Varius Plus gel.

Let me summarize. Based on my own experience, I firmly believe that Varius Plus Anti-Varicose Gel is a very effective treatment and the price is very affordable. During the whole use process, there was never allergies. It can be said that the gel completed the task perfectly! I continue to use the gel once a day to prevent the recurrence of varicose veins. I am satisfied with the results, I recommend this tool!