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Varius Plus-gel anti-varicose veins, using natural ingredients to treat varicose veins. You can only order by order. Delivery area-Czech Republic, price-Kč 890. Payment will only be made after receiving the mail or courier.

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On the website on the order form, just indicate your contact number and name. In the next hour, the manager will call you to answer all the questions and arrange the delivery of the goods to the address you specified in the correct use of Varius Plus, clarify the details and inform the delivery date in Brno.

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Varius Plus, the gel against varicose veins, is an innovative treatment for varicose veins for men and women. Due to its natural ingredients, the use of the gel has no contraindications and will not cause adverse side effects.

Manufacturer's price-Kč 890. You can only order through the official website. Delivery area-Czech Republic. We will draw your attention, please do not pay in advance, you can pay immediately after receiving the mail or after receiving the express!

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On the site, fill in a simple order form on the site and indicate the basic contact information in the blank fields. Our manager will call you as soon as possible to clarify the details, address and delivery date. Then you will receive the package and pay in Brno, and take the first step to permanently get rid of leg pain, heaviness, edema and other symptoms of varicose veins.

The transportation cost depends on the city. Brno-within 3-5 days.

Promotion-Promotion! Purchase 50% discount. To purchase Varius Plus gel at a discount in the Czech Republic, please contact the operator when confirming the order.